his specialized approach to Ashtanga yoga enables you to tap into another level of your innate physical intelligence. Through an in-depth technical exploration of the moving body you learn how Ashtanga’s mind-body-breath connection integrates and synthesizes the potential of the body in motion.

You are introduced to fundamental tools that will heighten your sensory awareness and concentration, build strength and flexibility, and enhance your well-being. You gain an understanding of how an anatomicaly correct use of your body frees your energies and enhances your natural movement potential.

Interactive techniques allow you to explore the following topics: the application of the observational mind, visualization and meditation to expand the parameters of your capabilities, accessing your core strength, building new neural pathways for effortless effort, enhancing flexibility and grace, exploring the connection of movement and emotion, working with injuries, and the inseparable connection between asana practice and daily life.

August 16-22
with Kino MacGregor & Tim Feldmann
Yoga Mudra, Copenhagen, Denmark

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August 7 - October 18

Ashtanga Course
with Greg, Kino & Tim
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